“We didn’t just buy a beautiful Back Cove boat from Down East Yachting, we became a part of their family. The meticulous attention to detail, friendly environment and laser focused customer service is quite rare these days. Eric and Jennifer raised the bar on the boat buying experience.” – Paul and Judy M

“We purchased a Back Cove at their Holland Michigan location last year and we really had a great experience. Chip was so accommodating and helpful. We could not be happier!” – Tom & Julie T


“Jennifer and Eric were completely on top of the sale process with expert advice on pricing, actions to be taken to sell our boat, and thorough guidance on the negotiation and final steps necessary to complete the process. They are professional, thoughtful, and provided timely and constant input.” – Susan and Phil G.


“Jennifer and Eric did an outstanding job of helping me with the acquisition of my latest boat. From boat selection through and well past the closing their advice and expertise have been extremely valuable. They are very concerned with their clients getting the right boat for their needs and very good at making it happen. Very knowledgeable, excellent communication skills, and a strong desire to please their clients. I highly recommend them.” – Roger


“Jennifer is a true joy to work with. Her vast knowledge of boats and experience allowed her to take our needs and turn them into the boating experience of our

dreams.”- Bill Cary


“I have worked with Eric Champlin for the past 20+ years and have bought or sold 4 yachts in that time. I have always found Eric to be a “straight shooter” who does not try to sell you on a particular product but really looks at what is the best fit for you. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a yacht since he is very knowledgeable about yachts of all sizes and will steer you to the best fit for your skill level and maximize your enjoyment on the water.” – Fred McNamara


“Marilyn and I have worked with many yacht brokers over the past several years and Jennifer and Eric set the standard for what we now expect. They not only work tirelessly to make sure you get the right boat to fit your lifestyle but they stay with you to make sure the experience meets your expectations long after the sale is made. The yachting industry needs more of them!” – Mark Boyd


“Down East Yachting made our yacht purchase a truly special one. From the beginning of the search for the right yacht, through the sale and on into ownership, this team brought a personal touch every step of the way. Down East continues to be a part of our journey as yacht owners and we are pleased to have worked with such a knowledgeable and caring team.” – Jack Glass


“Knowledge, competence and good communications are what any buyer wants in a boat purchase. I found all three in perfect balance with Jennifer.” – Glenn Renwick


“Eric’s ability to quickly develop an understanding of his client, their needs and how they expect to use their boat allows projects to move forward efficiently and effectively. I’ve built 4 boats with Eric (and successfully sold 3) over a 15 plus year relationship. His long experience in the marine industry, knowledge, passion, and hands-on approach brings a real partner into every project.” – Tom Stark

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